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Biography - Linda Sweatt

Fashions - Linda Sweatt
Linda Sweatt
Linda Sweatt - Fiber Artist and Designer
Now working in Santa Barbara, California


All I ever wanted to be is an artist! For me, art is vital to life. I was surrounded by art from the beginning. My beloved grandmother was an oil painter and she taught me when I was just ten years old. My mother loves clothes and had me modeling by the time I could walk. So I guess I was destined to paint clothes!

I was born in Hollywood Calif. in 1959. Spent part of my childhood in Idaho and then went back to Calif. for college. I was lucky to attend the University of Calif. at Irvine where there is an excellent art department. At this time I was most interested in conceptual art, performances and environmental art.

For a half year I studied in New York city as an apprentice to two women artist. Lauren Ewing is a feminist artist who does large sculpture and video installations. Eddie Baskin is a photographer for Saturday Night Live. I absolutely loved working with them, learned a lot, then wanted to travel the world.

Europe was where I ended up for five years. I became very involved in the women's peace movement over there and I worked as a photo journalist, documenting and showing actions of the movement.

Later, while living in France, I began painting on silk. Then I moved to Italy where I discovered my passion for color very similar to the Italians. With a Fine Arts background and much experimenting in various media, I was very excited when I finally began to use silk as my canvas. I painted the mountains in the Alps, the hills in Tuscana, the sunset waves of the Mediterranean. But when I discovered the Goddess, I got serious. My first gallery show was in Amsterdam.

My paintings, always on silk, grew bigger and bigger. I traveled, I painted, I showed. My most important show was in Vancouver Canada. Things changed when I returned to the U.S. and became a mother. Always painting for and about women, I found myself turning to clothing, fashion and art to wear.

Wearable art is a whole other world. Making a garment that fits, is fashionable with a beautiful painting is what I love. The most fun are fashion shows and trunk shows. I especially love dressing up people, creating special orders, and watching the paintings come to life. My latest adventure is recently moving to Santa Barbara California. I am happy that I am reunited with the Pacific Ocean!  I am currently showing my work every Sunday at the Santa Barbara Art Walk. It is on the Beach (Cabrillo Street) near the Warf. Please come and visit in beautiful Santa Barbara!