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Linda Sweatt
Linda Sweatt
Artists Statement

My mission as a Goddess/Artist is to capture the essence of powerful women and to show through the use of color and fabric our joy, beauty and wisdom.

I seek to explore and express my higher power through my art. I represent women of wisdom, beauty and power both alone in nature and together in passion. They are at peace and in harmony with mother earth. I often work with ancient goddesses, capturing their essence for women to draw upon today. I'm fascinated by fantasy females, especially the combination of bird and woman, which represents the relation of the spiritual and the physical.

My life size nudes are all real women, presenting the diversity of women's bodies in regard to size, shape, color and age. Celebrating the unique beauty of each. The erotic images honor the sacredness of women's sexuality.

I see my paintings as healing medicine, bringing beauty and peace into the viewer's life. I love to affect the total energy of a space, particularly with my larger works. I find that the intense colors and tactile quality of the silk and velvet together with the images help to create a feeling of freedom.

My werable art offers a more personal way to bring beauty and sensualiry into your daily life. With my wearable art, I hope to engulf you in your own personal power, unlimited creativeness and fulfillment of your dreams!

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